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The Half Ladder

I love the ladder. Its slick, its easy, Its also kinda easy to Hit Legendary.

So while playing with Fate for my FATE LARP, Fate D8 and a Gritty FATE setting called Manifest Destiny, I worked out a quick fix with a buddy that has some interesting ramifications.

The Long and the short of it is I doubled the Ladder, but kept the names.

Number Adjective
+16 Legendary
+14 Epic
+12 Fantastic
+10 Superb
+8 Great
+6 Good
+4 Fair
+2 Average
0 Mediocre
-2 Poor
-4 Terrible

The Spaces between the rungs are now are “Better then” Or “Nearly” depending on your perspective and description. So a +5 could be Nearly Good or better/more then Fair. The Skills stay the same, as does the Pyramid, only now there is a level between them. Skill advancements now can be handed out as +2, and either applied to One skill or split between two. A skill at a +7 is better then good, but its not Great so does not count as great for figuring… its still in the “Good” Tier.

This does some really interesting things, most notably make dice less of a factor. Now a Max Roll might move you up 2 Rungs at best, which is an interesting change. It Definitely fits better with FateD8, where the Range can JUMP, and for LARP where i am going diceless and so gradients of skill need to be more visable, but with more classic FATE dice it is nifty too. Your Skill is Suddenly more important while the dice become less. It also paves the way for things like your High Concept adding +3 or some sort of Minor/Lesser Aspects that only add +1… or maybe even Minor (+1) Major (+2) and Catastrophic (+3) Consequences.

Anyway thats where I am at. Thoughts?

PS. So the First draft of this post got deleted by WordPress. Bummer. I had to rewrite it but I think I hit all the major points.

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