Kids On Bikes

So I started working on a FATE campaign for the first time in a while.  Ever the Timely pursuer of ideas, I am writing a Kids on Bikes game.

Set in an Iconic little town called Picayune, I built the town to be super light, briefly sketching out potential hot spots (Heres the one page Google Doc if you care to see) with the intention being picking two or three per adventure and focusing in on them.

From the get go there is an ominous undertone, that picks up speed with each one shot. Each adventure happens in the same town, but for some reason Adults isn’t, won’t or  don’t remember the last weird thing that happened. Not even all the kids remember everything from adventure to adventure. The hope is that what will start as a Fun, Goonies-esq series of Kids on Bikes series of adventures starts to leave the players asking more questions.

Whats been interesting though, is planning for no fights. Kids on Bikes is not Violence free, and not danger free, but its not about the fighting. Guns are things a villains might produce to be extra intimidating, but not used for anything more then effect. Its been fun and interesting to work around Kids as protags.


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