Fate: Survial

I have been watching a lot of Post Apoc/Survival movies (Both Zombies and otherwise) and debating how to apply them to fate. The easy first step is Episode titles as Survival Aspects/Consequences. The episode title, in a lot of ways foreshadows the issues they will be facing in this episode, and works delightfully as double edged sword. But that’s easy.

The other thing I was thinking about is how to distinguish peoples skills more clearly. Certainly Aspects are one way to go with this. I am thinking of an episode where a guy has a tank. who certainly has the aspect that boils down to: Yep… I Have a tank. and a Dr almost certainly has one that is gonna be handy when patching folks up. But one of the trademark things in these stories is what happens when that person is gone/dead/or not int he scene and it needs to happen? Especially in Fate Accelerated, one solution is narrative penalties, or higher difficulties, or limited aspect use, but I was pondering a way to make specialty skills as stunts.

So, Stunts a specializations here we go.

Certain skills require training. In a survival setting, You’re skill as a driver of a Civic, just doesn’t translate super wlel to driving a tank. that first aid training you got is not the best when a leg needs to come off. and so without an appropriate stunt, you roll is capped at your skill (or approach) on the dice. You can still use aspects if you roll like poop, but you cap out without an appropriate stunt (And in an even more hard core mode, maybe aspects still run into the cap…).

Anyway, I feel like stunts are fast and easy can you can pick them up more on the fly without them being major parts of your character. learning to Farm might be a major character arc and worth an aspect. learning how to chop someones arm off and not kill them when they are bit or how to overhaul an engine and make it purr like a kitten? Might be a stunt.


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