Negative invocation

I ran a little experiment the other night on a FATE one shot. It was a Magic based game where Spells were Aspectunts (A weird middle ground) that were accessed by fate points. I tossed out there that people could negatively invoke take a -2 before they roll, and collect a Fate point (Normal rules of aspects application, Logic/story and calling out). I can’t, for the life if me, remember where I stole this idea from, but expect its not novel. What I can say is it was awesome.

The Highlights for me:

  • It helped outsources the learning of aspects, bringing to the table the aspects that people cared about more frequently to help me learn more about there characters more easily, and allowed me to get a better handle on compels. and man it was way less of a headache for a one shot.
  • Brought out More Story. Encouraging people to use their aspects negatively helped shape their characters.
  • Increased the flow of Fate points. When you needed Fate to do magic, this was nice to know you could have options,
  • Mechanically i pondered about applications before and after, and felt the risk factor of starting in the hole was more interesting. Also with only allowing a single invocation of a given aspect, if you tank the roll it really can lead to some interesting failures.
  • Most importantly, People Loved it.

I think I’ll stick with it for my next one shot.


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