Collaborative Spell Casting in FAE, take 1

So I am working on a American School of Wizardry, loosely based on Harry Potter universe, called Corvus Academy. You might have heard me randomly mention it now and again. Anyway, this has left me pondering the idea of a Harry potter style magic, via FATE and I had an interesting take on it. It might be to complicated, but here we go.

So to start with we are using FAE, with the 6 standard approaches, additionally there are 9 magic skills, one for each of the class of magic at the Corvus Academy, namely Abjuration, Conjuration, Divination, Enchantment, Evocation, Illusion, Viturgy, Transmutation, General Studies (Which probably less spells, and might be a “Knowledge” skill, TBD). They all start at Terrible (-2), but will go up at character creation.

Next you have the Spells. They are kinda hybrids of Stunts and Aspects, but basically they have an effect and a bad Latin name. They also have a rating, much like skills. Average Spells (+1), Medicore spells (+0), Fantastic spells (+6), even Terrible (-2) spells. The better the spell, the higher the rating. They can be created on the fly (“Oh I read this in a book to fix your broken pencil”), like scene aspects, but the most popular are the ones for each class that are determined each year. These are probably spells that are going to be important due to plot, or tied to the world in some way. They are decided upon for the whole semester, and while they do not represent EVERYTHING you learn in a given class, its good short hand.

Side note: Each semester a Student can keep one of those spells, writing its name on their sheet. It will be easier for them to cast moving forward, in some fashion.

Now on to the collaborative casting… the good stuff. Spells need to be powered by Fate points, which limits their uses in a vacuum. However, Spells can be given free innovations like scene aspects. All you have to is make an Approach+Magic Type check. The target is the rating of the Spell. So Bob could create a free invocation of the “Wallius Supremus” That he could use next turn, OR (and more interestingly) give to Jane, which she could then use. In pay I see Bob Yelling to Jane, “Quick! use that spell Professor Tenebrious taught us last semester to secure that wall!” The higher the Roll, the more free invocations… Probably.

Still in early Alpha here, so let me know your thoughts!


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