Fell Off the Wagon

So I fell off the wagon of Fate for a little bit, but I dove RIGHT back in with a test run of FATE Accelerated. One Word. WOW.

Fate Accelerated is billed as the “Light Version” of the rules, great for new FATE players and GMs alike. However, I threw it out there for our long time players and the ate it up.

The long and the short off it is it does away with skills in favor of approaches. Essentially if you think your character can do something you can, what matters is HOW you do it. Are you Quick, are you Careful? They become your skill, so to speak, and are the guideline by which you describe your action.

As a GM the natural extension was to vary the TN based on approaches, which worked pretty well and it was incumbent upon me to make descriptions more clear (which is a nice thing for everyone.

I could go on, but I’ll instead just post the link to the Fate AE sheet I made. Check it out if you kickstarted, and keep an eye out if you didn’t.



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