Building a Character sheet

As the FATE core wrapped up, I volunteered to make a character sheet if we hit 10k. Two actually, with option for a 3rd. I started last night and wanted to share my thoughts.

With a game like FATE, where you are unlikely to play the game straight, a character sheet is a dicey thing. You want it to be useful across the board, but want to be clear with your intentions  You want it visually interesting, without being busy. you want to Cram as much as you can on, while still leaving plenty of room. Its contradictions.

I started work on a Modern sheet, which is to say it has Green Signs, like highway signs and a framework behind it. It fun, and I might mix it up a bit, but my goal is to built a template that has everything you could want, in roughly the right place, so it can be change easily… and then I might make one CRAZY one… But that might not be fit for consumption. In concept its a little abstract…

Anyway, I don’t think I actually said anything in this post… But I’ll post the drafts this weekend and see what people think.


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