Fate Larp and other stuff

So the Fate LARP is still bouncing around my head. It got another kick when I was rebuilding the ladder.

One of the core mechanics I want to try to establish in the Larp is the Construction of aspects. In alot of ways, the LARP is an extended character creation session. The “Goal” is to take your existing characrer and Tie them to the world, other players and the Plot as often as possible.

I am working on how this mechanic can play Live in a Larp, with Fate points and all that. More on that when I have it

It will also be Diceless. As I might have mentioned, the dice in Fate so balance out, so one can in theory wipe the dice. The problem then becomes gradients of ability kinda blend. But wait you say, the Ladder Rebuild solved that? Why yes, yes it does!

So Fate LARP uses the Half Ladder, which incidentally for those worried about shifts and damage, it takes 2 Shifts = 1 Stress. This does mean that if you get 3 Shifts, you waste a shift… I am working on that, that might become Spin but I’ll get to that later.

Most importantly I am trying to fit FATE onto One Sheet. All the rules Streamlined to one Double sided Page. Its Really freaking hard.

Thats it for me this week. Later!

Did I actually say anything up there? Ah well.


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