Fate D8

So I have a collection of Blank dice. Don’t worry, I remember where the numbers are.

Seriously though, I have stack of them cause its fun to use wet erase markers on them and do whatever you want. The wet erase, or overhead, markers are infinity preferable to dry erase for obvious reasons. before I bought a Big stack of Fudge Dice, I even drew some + and -‘s on them in sharpie. Well I discovered them again mixed in with my blank D8s and was like Waaaaait a minute

.See the funny thing about Fate is that the Dice are Moot, mathematically speaking. They add a cool random element to it that tends to cause interesting moments now and again, but they even out in the long run. This lead me to a weird thought. What if I had a Fate D8?

Now looking at it, it would have your standard 2 +’s 2-‘s 2 Blanks… but what if it also had a ++ and – -? Suddenly a highly improbably Fringe +8 and -8 which is CRAZY, and interesting and might be something I try. It does some interesting things to the odds of getting ++++ and – – – – as well…

It does make the existing ladder a little short both ways, but its got possibilities.



9 thoughts on “Fate D8

  1. michaelvanstrander says:

    At first pass, though, this seems pretty interesting. Especially in games where you might want the potential for a big swing in either direction (Exalted comes to mind).

    I want to check anydice.com on this, but I’m not super proficient. Let me check with folks and get back to you. The die mechanic in Fate implementations can be interesting. Legends of Anglerre uses 1d6-1d6 which produces a much steeper probability curve (really more of a line) and there are perhaps mechanical things you could to to manipulate results that would differ from typical Fate hacks.

    • johnoghue says:

      Oh Yeah, this would be GREAT for exhalted, or maybe even a Super hero game.

      I have toyed with the idea of More Fate Dice as well, and bounced ideas around about varying the numbers of dice based on the tension of the scene.

      The 1d6-1d6 can be interesting… There are definitely lots of fun tweaks that can be done!

    • johnoghue says:

      Actually Tweaking the dice mechanics by adding like an ALT FUDGE DIE is interesting as well. Super fudge die replaces a normal Fate die with ++, +, [], [], -, – -, and thats your POWER die or something… Or a Cursed Fudge due that has more negatives… etc. Lots of fun can be had.

      • michaelvanstrander says:

        I like that notion for tracking alternate effects. Like, the normal roll checks for success or failure and degree of each, while the alt die could tack something else like a complication/benefit that is outside the scope of simple success/failure.

  2. michaelvanstrander says:

    After playing around with anydice.com I came up with this: http://anydice.com/program/1c22

    You can see that the -8 and +8 are vanishingly rare occurrences happening just .02% of the time. Standard Fudge dice looks like this: http://anydice.com/program/5d4
    Also, it looks like with 4dFate it’s much more likely to produce +/-4 than standard, and +/- 5 in dFate occurs more frequently than +/- 4 in standard Fudge.

  3. Heronblue says:

    Looking over Michael’s shoulder at the graphs/curves he generated from examining your FATE d8 idea, the bell curve from the d8 is much more normalized than the one with d6s, complete with outliers that are absent in the d6 curve. I don’t want to nerd out too badly about statistics and bell curves (or my patron saint, Stephen Jay Gould), but it does seem like a system like that would work well in a game where you wanted the occasional ridiculously improbably success or catastrophic failure. Sure seems a more effective crit/botch system than either old or new WoD and Exalted/Scion systems.

    • johnoghue says:

      The More I play and crunch the numbers the more I Like the FateD8… I bought some more blank d8 and if I can get my wood burner back, I might make a few. I am just debating how to depict the ++ and the –…

      • heronblure says:

        I’ve got some of those blank dice, and I’ve been experimenting with some of my wood/metal/leatherworking tools (unfortunately, no burner or dreml) to see if I can get some scrimshaw-like etching done that I can then stain with ink. I’ll let you know if I come up with something workable. If it were done to make FATE dice, they’d probably look more like Q-Workshop dice than regular ones, but I don’t necessarily see that as a problem.

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