Playing with Stress

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I fiddling a bit last night with how I want to use Stress and Consequences in my upcoming Space Western “Manifest Destiny” (Way better name then “Wide Open Spaces, you’ll probly hear more about that later). I kinda want to streamline damage… Wait, do you have the FATE core rules yet? No? Go give a dollar here and check it out.
Anyway, I was just going to let people check off a mental or physical box, the rational being that a close sword cut unnerves you and a stressful chess game can leave your back in knots. Then realized I could axe the Duel track of stress and basically have it be 1 single slightly larger track. Then to avoid just having a HUGE stress track, The Willpower Skill will add to the Stress track and the Physique skill will add more Consequences, probably by way of an “Incidental (-1)”, a “<Yet to be named> -3” Consequences and maybe even a -5.
The idea behind this is a willful person doesn’t get shaken by close calls (Stress) but does not necessarily take hits any better, where as a NFL Line backer with a crazy high physique plays a game with a Broken Toe (-3 Consequence)  and a Bruised rib (-1) and is still able to take more hits and be good to go. It also goes a long way to making Willfull characters and Tough characters feel Different, which I like a lot.
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2 thoughts on “Playing with Stress

  1. michaelvanstrander says:

    I like this notion quite a bit. I like how it makes it possible to redress the dual mind/body separation that exists in western thought, and also table top gaming. Your mind and your body are really the same thing, and each informs the other, and this tweak addresses that. Nice.

    • johnoghue says:

      Thanks. I was back and forth about flip flopping the skill that applied to which. One part of me things Mental Strength means more Stress Boxes, with Physical strength meaning more Injuries, but a case can be made for a Psychical character just “Shrugging” off injuries by way of stress, and Mentally strong characters having more ability to Ignore the Consequences, and thus have more. I think both work, its just a “which fits your game” sorta choice.

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