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Building a Character sheet

As the FATE core wrapped up, I volunteered to make a character sheet if we hit 10k. Two actually, with option for a 3rd. I started last night and wanted to share my thoughts.

With a game like FATE, where you are unlikely to play the game straight, a character sheet is a dicey thing. You want it to be useful across the board, but want to be clear with your intentions  You want it visually interesting, without being busy. you want to Cram as much as you can on, while still leaving plenty of room. Its contradictions.

I started work on a Modern sheet, which is to say it has Green Signs, like highway signs and a framework behind it. It fun, and I might mix it up a bit, but my goal is to built a template that has everything you could want, in roughly the right place, so it can be change easily… and then I might make one CRAZY one… But that might not be fit for consumption. In concept its a little abstract…

Anyway, I don’t think I actually said anything in this post… But I’ll post the drafts this weekend and see what people think.


Fate Larp and other stuff

So the Fate LARP is still bouncing around my head. It got another kick when I was rebuilding the ladder.

One of the core mechanics I want to try to establish in the Larp is the Construction of aspects. In alot of ways, the LARP is an extended character creation session. The “Goal” is to take your existing characrer and Tie them to the world, other players and the Plot as often as possible.

I am working on how this mechanic can play Live in a Larp, with Fate points and all that. More on that when I have it

It will also be Diceless. As I might have mentioned, the dice in Fate so balance out, so one can in theory wipe the dice. The problem then becomes gradients of ability kinda blend. But wait you say, the Ladder Rebuild solved that? Why yes, yes it does!

So Fate LARP uses the Half Ladder, which incidentally for those worried about shifts and damage, it takes 2 Shifts = 1 Stress. This does mean that if you get 3 Shifts, you waste a shift… I am working on that, that might become Spin but I’ll get to that later.

Most importantly I am trying to fit FATE onto One Sheet. All the rules Streamlined to one Double sided Page. Its Really freaking hard.

Thats it for me this week. Later!

Did I actually say anything up there? Ah well.

The Half Ladder

I love the ladder. Its slick, its easy, Its also kinda easy to Hit Legendary.

So while playing with Fate for my FATE LARP, Fate D8 and a Gritty FATE setting called Manifest Destiny, I worked out a quick fix with a buddy that has some interesting ramifications.

The Long and the short of it is I doubled the Ladder, but kept the names.

Number Adjective
+16 Legendary
+14 Epic
+12 Fantastic
+10 Superb
+8 Great
+6 Good
+4 Fair
+2 Average
0 Mediocre
-2 Poor
-4 Terrible

The Spaces between the rungs are now are “Better then” Or “Nearly” depending on your perspective and description. So a +5 could be Nearly Good or better/more then Fair. The Skills stay the same, as does the Pyramid, only now there is a level between them. Skill advancements now can be handed out as +2, and either applied to One skill or split between two. A skill at a +7 is better then good, but its not Great so does not count as great for figuring… its still in the “Good” Tier.

This does some really interesting things, most notably make dice less of a factor. Now a Max Roll might move you up 2 Rungs at best, which is an interesting change. It Definitely fits better with FateD8, where the Range can JUMP, and for LARP where i am going diceless and so gradients of skill need to be more visable, but with more classic FATE dice it is nifty too. Your Skill is Suddenly more important while the dice become less. It also paves the way for things like your High Concept adding +3 or some sort of Minor/Lesser Aspects that only add +1… or maybe even Minor (+1) Major (+2) and Catastrophic (+3) Consequences.

Anyway thats where I am at. Thoughts?

PS. So the First draft of this post got deleted by WordPress. Bummer. I had to rewrite it but I think I hit all the major points.

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Fate D8

So I have a collection of Blank dice. Don’t worry, I remember where the numbers are.

Seriously though, I have stack of them cause its fun to use wet erase markers on them and do whatever you want. The wet erase, or overhead, markers are infinity preferable to dry erase for obvious reasons. before I bought a Big stack of Fudge Dice, I even drew some + and -‘s on them in sharpie. Well I discovered them again mixed in with my blank D8s and was like Waaaaait a minute

.See the funny thing about Fate is that the Dice are Moot, mathematically speaking. They add a cool random element to it that tends to cause interesting moments now and again, but they even out in the long run. This lead me to a weird thought. What if I had a Fate D8?

Now looking at it, it would have your standard 2 +’s 2-‘s 2 Blanks… but what if it also had a ++ and – -? Suddenly a highly improbably Fringe +8 and -8 which is CRAZY, and interesting and might be something I try. It does some interesting things to the odds of getting ++++ and – – – – as well…

It does make the existing ladder a little short both ways, but its got possibilities.


Playing with Stress

New Blog, we’ll see what happens!

Diving right in:

I fiddling a bit last night with how I want to use Stress and Consequences in my upcoming Space Western “Manifest Destiny” (Way better name then “Wide Open Spaces, you’ll probly hear more about that later). I kinda want to streamline damage… Wait, do you have the FATE core rules yet? No? Go give a dollar here and check it out.
Anyway, I was just going to let people check off a mental or physical box, the rational being that a close sword cut unnerves you and a stressful chess game can leave your back in knots. Then realized I could axe the Duel track of stress and basically have it be 1 single slightly larger track. Then to avoid just having a HUGE stress track, The Willpower Skill will add to the Stress track and the Physique skill will add more Consequences, probably by way of an “Incidental (-1)”, a “<Yet to be named> -3” Consequences and maybe even a -5.
The idea behind this is a willful person doesn’t get shaken by close calls (Stress) but does not necessarily take hits any better, where as a NFL Line backer with a crazy high physique plays a game with a Broken Toe (-3 Consequence)  and a Bruised rib (-1) and is still able to take more hits and be good to go. It also goes a long way to making Willfull characters and Tough characters feel Different, which I like a lot.
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